At long last, the full EP was made available by complete surprise on July 18th 2019.


The EP contains 5 genre-bending songs that tackle mental health head on. This EP takes on subjects like building confidence, dealing with loss and loneliness, battling your inner demons of which anyone can relate too.

"Mental health is insanely important. Whereas we don't base ourselves around it, we hold it in the highest regard and hope that any of our words, melodies, music can help heal or uplift anyone listening. That's what we're after." -Greg

“We know what we meant when we wrote those words, what it meant to us and what head space we were in when we wrote them but what matters most is how our listeners apply it to what they're going through or how they're feeling. We are equally as happy to hear that someone just digs the riffs.” -Mike

So why a surprise release?

"Well...We didn't mean too, CDBABY decided to skip our custom release date and the next thing you know, the -you're album has been delivered- appeared in our inbox. Honestly it's fine, the band was going back and fourth on whether to have an EP Release and ultimately decided against it as things are becoming purely digital and we're already two songs into our next CD so we figured, this is a good foundation to let everyone know what they're getting into by following us." -Justin


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