ATIMERA takes to the stage for victims of Dayton's recent natural disaster.

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Dayton, Ohio was recently hit with a volley of tornadoes that left so many with nothing. In light of this, local activist and representatives of one of Ohio's biggest booking agencies, John Rausch and Misha Rickard of BravoArtist put together this all local banger with all proceeds going to the relief effort as shown below.

They hope to see everyone they know out to support as so many may have been directly or indirectly effected by this. Those wishing to support in other ways, event-organizer Misha listed items that can be donated as well below.

We ask of you, come out. See some Locals pour their hearts out on stage all in effort to help those families who lost everything not too long ago. They still need help and our good friends at BravoArtist are doing what they do best to do just that. So with that being said, WE will do what we do best to help as well." - Quil

ATIMERA will be selling x20 copies of their "AM I HUMAN" EP at the show with all proceed going to the relief effort as well so be sure to stop by their booth!

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