New Music Video for "AM I HUMAN" is out!

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Let's talk about A.I and what makes us HUMAN. Dive into the video for a fresh perspective.

ATIMERA is becoming known for the professional image and outlook on their brand and this video shows it. When asked what was the inspiration for this song and video, their reply was as follows

“At the time we were running dry with fresh ideas for new music. One day we were listening to the Joe Rogan podcast with Elon Musk on the dangers of A.I and as a joke we thought, let's write a song about A.I and not knowing if you were one or not and after it was all said and done, we ended up loving it enough to make it into this”

The direction was devised when Matthew Bonder had listened to the premise of the song and let his imagination fly. "He had a little over 3 mins to tell a story and seal a concept and we think he did an amazing job." - Matt

So what does it mean?

"The general concept is there, the underlying concept of what makes us HUMAN and if we were an A.I or a simulation, how would we know? Is Quil a HUMAN or is he an A.I? We will leave it to you to ponder." -Mike

You can watch or stream this video via their YouTube

and Facebook accounts respectively so go check it out and support local!

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